Monday, January 9, 2012

January - WIPocalypse & TUSAL

I only have a few projects that I am working on right now.  This month I have have worked on one that for some reason is killing me.  It's really an easy  pattern to do,  but I keep messing it up.  I will get this done if it kills me.  LOL 

For my TUSAL,  I went back to Ross to see if I could find another cool Jar for all my scraps and I found another clear jar with a cobalt blue lid.  It's a bigger jar and  I totally grabbed it.  I doubt I will fill it up,  it's pretty big,  but it's a perfect jar for me. I had to put it next to last years tusal.

Meanwhile.  Our Frasier could use some good vibes.  On Nov. 8th,  I brought Frasier in to have his teeth cleaned.  Since then he has been having some intestinal issues.  He normally has this with any antibiotics but that clears itself up in a couple of weeks.  This has been going on way to long.  Twice I have had to bring him in for fluids due to dehydration.  We have done some blood tests and those are all normal.  We have been to  4 different Doctors and right now they are saying that Frasier either has IBD or Lymphoma.  We are going to try some steroids and if he doesn't clear up this week,  then he will have to be tested for Lymphoma.  So if you can,  please send Frasier some good vibes.  Hopefully his new meds will work this week...
I hope everyone has a great stitching week.  It's been a busy day so for here.  I have all my coupons together for shopping tonight.  Tomorrow I am volunteering with Horses with H.E.A.R.T. which takes most of the day and so maybe later this week I can sit down and stitch a bit.

Happy Stitching E1



  1. Sorry that Frasier is not feeling is so hard when our furbabies are not well. Zoe is sending pug hugs.

  2. I hope Frasier's new medicine works.
    Your new jar is very pretty.

  3. Hello there :) I've just joined your blog, so thought I'd say hello! I hope that Frasier is better soon...poor little thing.

    I think there's something about penguins... I got Penguins on Ice for my 18th Birthday and I think I finished it when I was in my early 30s!

  4. The penguins are adorable. I hope Frasier will be fine.