Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Two More Finished !!!

Things have been quiet so far this week.  We are still dealing with a sick cat but Frasier seems to be getting better.  I never knew a cat could deal with allergies...  Because of Frasier's heart condition he is not able to go the regular route of most meds.  We have a wonderful Dr who found a homeopathic treatment which I think is starting to work.  Hopefully we will know for sure within a week or two at the most.
Doesn't he look sad?  Please don't look at hubby's feet !!.  LOL

Meanwhile I have gotten 2 more little projects finished.  I also started on a cute Christmas one with Penguins but I didn't get enough done to take a pic,  but maybe I will have enough done in the next few days to post.

 Bad Picture but I think you get the point.  I love the little charm and I really want to find more patterns that I can add charms to.

My Niece wants to sew this one onto a stocking.  I think that will come out cute and I am so happy that she can sew.

Take Care and Hope everyone gets in lots of stitching.


Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Story of Bernice

I have been following Bernice's Story for a week now.  I'm not sure if you all have heard about her on the national news or on facebook.  I thought I would share about her on here also.

The first time I read about her I was sick to my stomach and just couldn't stop thinking about her and all she has gone thru.  The second time I heard about her,  I was in tears for hours and I kept thinking about the abuse Frasier went thru and all of his pain while he was recovering.  I am in awe at her will to live and how she will still trust humans.  I am in awe that she wants to trust and love anyone again.

Here is an 8 min video on her story if you would like to see.  If you are like me,  bring a tissue but her message is more of love and the will to live.  BERNICE
If you are on facebook here is the animal hospital's page where you can get updates and leave messages .Animal Hospital of Oshkosh

Saturday, August 13, 2011

Jerome Was Awesome....

Hubby and I had a great time.  I never knew there was so much history to Jerome.  The ghost hunt was a total blast.  We met 8 other people who joined the tour and they were all so nice.  Our tour guide was Shot Gun Sadie and she was a hoot.  After ever story she would give us a wicked laugh which drove me nuts at first but then it really was a crack up.

Roger and I had a EMF detector and we got several hits.  One was on this old green plush type chair and I stepped back and had Roger take a picture and this is what we got.

I'm not one to know the difference between orbs and dust,  but this showed up right where my emf detector went off.  So I found this very interesting.

Two of the other couples were staying at two of the hotels so we hung out with them for most of the night going back and forth.  The first hotel was the Conner Hotel and they had room 6 which is supposed to have the ghost of a dog and cat.  We did get some emf readings but nothing much.  The 2nd hotel was The Grand Hotel and I forget the room number but we stayed in the halls most of the time.   We had lots of emf readings and even heard some strange noises that we never figured out what caused them.

I still have to listen to the digital recorder and will get to that on Monday.

Most of the other pics we took were outside and I cant tell if all the orbs are dust or not. 

Here is a picture of the Birthday Boy

Anyways,  If anyone knows about orbs,  tell me what you think about the 1st picture,  I would love to hear opinions.

Friday, August 12, 2011

Cuddle Up Snowman and A Ghost Hunt

I finally finished Cuddle Up Snowman.  This will go in my "how do I finish them" pile.  My pile is getting really big but as soon as I get my Niece a sewing machine she will be able to make pillows with some of them. 

The pattern is by Stoney Creek sold at 

Now for the BIG News .....

Today is Hubby's Birthday.  Roger just turned 49 -- Woot. 
He loves all those Ghost Hunting shows and is always talking about going out ghost hunting.  We have been to a few haunted places but tonight we go on a real ghost hunt.  We are heading off to Jerome AZ, about a 90 min drive from here.  We will not only be going to several building that are well known for being haunted but we will also be spending the night at one of the most haunted hotels in American.   Of course I am scared out of my wits already so I won't be doing any sleeping.  I plan on sitting in a corner with a big flash light,  in fact I will have 5 flashlights in case one goes out on me.  LOL  Wish me luck that I wont go screaming and running all the way home.  I sure hope Roger appreciates this.

Monday, August 1, 2011

2 Birthdays

Yesterday was my Niece's - Tristan and Grand Niece's - Mattie's Birthday.  Tristan turned 28 and Mattie turned 2 years old. 

Hubby and I drove down to Phoenix to spend the day with them.  We took both the girls to the Sea Life Aquarium which was wonderful.  Mattie was thrilled with all the fish and she had a blast playing with and petting the star fish.  
 After we walked thru the aquarium twice and played with everything twice, we headed off to The Rainforest Cafe for dinner. 
Oh My Goodness did Mattie have a blast looking at everything.  The elephants are her favorite and she had even learned how to act like one.  It was a crack up. Mattie also had her first taste of soda and she could not stop laughing at the bubbles.  Just way to cute.....
Meanwhile I got my 2nd snowman done and I just started on the final one today.  I really want to get it done this week but we shall see. 

I hope everyone's weeks slows done enough for you all to get some great stitching in !!!