Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Story of Bernice

I have been following Bernice's Story for a week now.  I'm not sure if you all have heard about her on the national news or on facebook.  I thought I would share about her on here also.

The first time I read about her I was sick to my stomach and just couldn't stop thinking about her and all she has gone thru.  The second time I heard about her,  I was in tears for hours and I kept thinking about the abuse Frasier went thru and all of his pain while he was recovering.  I am in awe at her will to live and how she will still trust humans.  I am in awe that she wants to trust and love anyone again.

Here is an 8 min video on her story if you would like to see.  If you are like me,  bring a tissue but her message is more of love and the will to live.  BERNICE
If you are on facebook here is the animal hospital's page where you can get updates and leave messages .Animal Hospital of Oshkosh


  1. I can tell from the picture and your post that it would rip my heart out. I'm not sure I can visit the video...

    I wish sweet Bernice healing and love and all animal abusers to get their proper dues for their evil actions.

  2. I watched the video and it's great to see her recovery going so well! She is a strong kitty!