Saturday, August 13, 2011

Jerome Was Awesome....

Hubby and I had a great time.  I never knew there was so much history to Jerome.  The ghost hunt was a total blast.  We met 8 other people who joined the tour and they were all so nice.  Our tour guide was Shot Gun Sadie and she was a hoot.  After ever story she would give us a wicked laugh which drove me nuts at first but then it really was a crack up.

Roger and I had a EMF detector and we got several hits.  One was on this old green plush type chair and I stepped back and had Roger take a picture and this is what we got.

I'm not one to know the difference between orbs and dust,  but this showed up right where my emf detector went off.  So I found this very interesting.

Two of the other couples were staying at two of the hotels so we hung out with them for most of the night going back and forth.  The first hotel was the Conner Hotel and they had room 6 which is supposed to have the ghost of a dog and cat.  We did get some emf readings but nothing much.  The 2nd hotel was The Grand Hotel and I forget the room number but we stayed in the halls most of the time.   We had lots of emf readings and even heard some strange noises that we never figured out what caused them.

I still have to listen to the digital recorder and will get to that on Monday.

Most of the other pics we took were outside and I cant tell if all the orbs are dust or not. 

Here is a picture of the Birthday Boy

Anyways,  If anyone knows about orbs,  tell me what you think about the 1st picture,  I would love to hear opinions.


  1. Hi Linda

    I'm not a paranormal expert but I'd say the orb may NOT be dust because there are no other orbs like it elsewhere in the picture. Since you live nearby, you may be familiar with the streets of Prescott. Anyway, I clean houses for a living. One particular house, on Mount Vernon, the big mauve/gray Victorian, is said to be haunted. How do I know this? I've been there 3 times to clean the place with partners, and we always hear strange noises. Also a dark figure/shadow has shown itself to some of my co-workers. It's a man. Sometimes going in there doesn't bother me, but this last time my co-worker asked me if I heard a door slam! I said NO, I DID NOT HEAR THAT!! Going up the spiral staircase to the second floor is always nerve-wracking because that is where this figure is always seen. Some of my co-workers refuse to clean the house. Have I freaked you out?

    I've just joined your blog so can't wait to hear what is on your recorder. Sorry for such a long comment!

  2. Ooooo! That pic is very interesting! It would be excellent if that is an orb :)
    That is great that you got some spikes on the EMF detector.
    Can't wait to see what you get from the recorder!

  3. Oh wow! It looks like you had a great time! Yeah I think,like Shelly said that if that was dust, or moisture, there would be other ones around as well, as just the one! I think you rghost was sitting in the chair! LOL...I am glad you had a good time!