Friday, August 12, 2011

Cuddle Up Snowman and A Ghost Hunt

I finally finished Cuddle Up Snowman.  This will go in my "how do I finish them" pile.  My pile is getting really big but as soon as I get my Niece a sewing machine she will be able to make pillows with some of them. 

The pattern is by Stoney Creek sold at 

Now for the BIG News .....

Today is Hubby's Birthday.  Roger just turned 49 -- Woot. 
He loves all those Ghost Hunting shows and is always talking about going out ghost hunting.  We have been to a few haunted places but tonight we go on a real ghost hunt.  We are heading off to Jerome AZ, about a 90 min drive from here.  We will not only be going to several building that are well known for being haunted but we will also be spending the night at one of the most haunted hotels in American.   Of course I am scared out of my wits already so I won't be doing any sleeping.  I plan on sitting in a corner with a big flash light,  in fact I will have 5 flashlights in case one goes out on me.  LOL  Wish me luck that I wont go screaming and running all the way home.  I sure hope Roger appreciates this.


  1. Your snowmen are so adorable.
    Try to have fun in Jerome - you have come up with a great birthday gift for your sweetie.

  2. LOVE the snowmen!!! I wanna go with you on the ghost hunt. Are you staying at the Jerome Grand Hotel? Oh please, please post photos when you get back!! I hope to see at least some orbs!!! I love those ghosty shows too, and was gonna go on a haunted tour on Halloween of where I live too last year, but didn't get to go, so I am hoping this year I can. Have fun, try not to get too scared. =)

  3. Oh wow! I just read that The Grand hotel will be featured on Zak Bagans Paranormal challenge on the travel chanel in September! Wow! I am so jealous!

  4. I would have bought him the haunted hotel tix to go alone for his birthday! Then you could stay home and stitch! Haha. Your snowmen are wonderful!

  5. Cute snowman finish!
    Great birthday gift for your DH. Look forward to hearing how it goes.

  6. Your snowmen are adorable!
    Happy Birthday to your DH :)
    Great birthday gift! I would love to do a tour like that. You'll have to tell us how it all goes.