Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Two More Finished !!!

Things have been quiet so far this week.  We are still dealing with a sick cat but Frasier seems to be getting better.  I never knew a cat could deal with allergies...  Because of Frasier's heart condition he is not able to go the regular route of most meds.  We have a wonderful Dr who found a homeopathic treatment which I think is starting to work.  Hopefully we will know for sure within a week or two at the most.
Doesn't he look sad?  Please don't look at hubby's feet !!.  LOL

Meanwhile I have gotten 2 more little projects finished.  I also started on a cute Christmas one with Penguins but I didn't get enough done to take a pic,  but maybe I will have enough done in the next few days to post.

 Bad Picture but I think you get the point.  I love the little charm and I really want to find more patterns that I can add charms to.

My Niece wants to sew this one onto a stocking.  I think that will come out cute and I am so happy that she can sew.

Take Care and Hope everyone gets in lots of stitching.



  1. Poor Frasier.....
    I love adding embellishments to stitching! I am always on the look for trinkets that can be added.

  2. Poor kitty. I think homeopathy is wonderful. Do let us know how it goes. One of my dogs has allergies and no grain food helps.

    Cute WIPs. The strawberry makes me think dessert ;-)

  3. Awh poor kitty.

    The charm is just adorable.
    I look forward to seeing the finish on the Xmas piece.

  4. Love your projects! When I did that Strawberry design last year, I thought that red would never end!! It was just a never ending field of red, red, red. I like how you did the leaves...I found trying to do the satin stitch on Aida, quite a challenge! And I didn't use any of the charms in this series (yet!) but I like the one you used! Very cute!