Friday, December 3, 2010

Finished Twinkle Twinkle Litte Star

I have been finding time to stitch from 12:30am till about 2am,  It quiet and nobody bugs me,  even the cats are sleeping.  I love being a Night Owl.  !!! 


  1. How son loved that rhyme when he just a babe....good memories. Now about the stitching time....I understand. My time is from 2-3 am on and off...mostly on...until 9:30 am. It is peacefully quiet here too. The dog and my hubby are still asleep...if it is a work day for me, I go in for 11 am....15 minutes from the house...I am in my glory! I am not hard to please!

  2. It's adorable. Congrats on the finish.

  3. So pretty. I love the subtleness of this piece.