Tuesday, October 11, 2011

I love Busy Weekends

One of my favorite things to do, is to save money.....  I don't buy a lot of things if they are not on sale and I don't have a coupon.  About a year ago,  hubby and I were watching some news stories on the price of foods going up and that we as consumers should stock up as much as we can.  So I took that to heart and decided that we needed to do that.  I got hooked on coupons and stocking up my first trip to the store when I save 70% on my bill.  Not only do I have a ton of food storage here.  I help my Niece out every week and hubby and I send 4 boxes a month overseas to help out our men and women who are fighting to keep us safe. Without coupons and sales,  I would never be able to do this.   This weekend,  we deiced that we needed to get a shelving unit so we can rotate and keep better track of what we have and this is what the shelf looks like now.  I can't wait till we get another one.....    As you can tell,  we already need another one.

Yesterday,  I did sit down for a couple of hours to stitch.  I really love this horse silhouette but it sure is taking a long time to do.  But only one color does make it super easy to work on.

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  1. Your shelf looks great! I also rarely buy anything unless I have a coupon! But I never stock up. I should try that sometime. Thanks for the inspiration.