Tuesday, March 15, 2011

MY PIF is now a RAK

Well,  I don't think my PIF post is going very well.  I'm not sure if I should take it personally or just realize that this is a small blog with just a few followers that more then likely have a bunch of PIF's, RAK's and Giveaways to take care of. 

I think  what I would like to do is turn my PIF post into a RAK post.  I would still like to have the 365 days to get the RAK to you.  I would like to get in 3 more RAK's.  So I have 3 spots left.

I don't have any rules on this one.  But please leave me a comment with your name and blog so I can check it out and try to make your RAK a bit more personal.  
If you like you can mention my RAK on your blog. 
My RAK will close on Sunday the 20th.



  1. Hi - not quite sure how a RAK works but I thought I would drop in :) I also have a PIF on my blog that didn't get much attention, so I understand what you are saying . . . my blog is also quite new, so I guess I am not really well known yet :)

    Chriz’Creative Spot

  2. A RAK is a Random Act of Kindness. No strings attached. This will just be a small gift to make your day even better.

  3. Thank you for the definition -- I wasn't sure what a RAK was either. Please add me to your list :)

  4. I also posted a PIF on my blog and never got any responses. I'm new to this blog world too. I'm amazed at how many PIF, RAK, SAL, exchanges, drawings, and blogoversary drawings there are out there. It seems like all the stitchers just love to share!

  5. I guess we have all had the same problem. I posted twice for a PIF and had no takers. Maybe we should just consider it all as an exchange and sign up for it that way..I even posted for a Birhtday RAK and got only a few who would be interested..you can count me in, but I would want to do for you as well...like I say, maybe do it a bit differently.

  6. I so agree with you Gracie. I have just the perfect item for you also. LOL.

  7. Hi from Finland :)

    Still have a space for RAK for me? :)

  8. Looks like there's room for one more, so let me know if I can be included. I love reading your blog and seeing your stitching!