Saturday, March 5, 2011

TUSAL and Weekly Pictures and Project Updates


I love watching everyone's jars fill up.  I am surprised at how much is in my jar and how fast it is filling up. 

I only worked on 2 different projects this week.  

Fairy Celebration IV which is one of my WIP for the FCJC.  It's going to be for my Grand Niece Mattie, for Easter.  

I also got more time in on the Horse Silhouette.  


This is Niles,  he will only drink water from his Left Paw after he dips it in a cup of water.  We adopted Niles from the ASPCA when he was 6 weeks old.  I have no clue why he drinks this way but it's always fun to watch him.   



  1. I have a cat that will drink with her paw. Adorable as hell but as soon as she catches you watching she will stop.

  2. Very pretty stitching and I think you are going to need a bigger jar :)

  3. My cat also does this. We can't leave any cup or glass unattended, or he sticks his paw in and starts drinking it up!

    Very pretty gift for your grand niece!

  4. Hello Blu Stitcher1

    I just found your blog and become a follower!
    You have done so much pretty stitchings,all your WIPS are adorable and I loved the fairy silhuette.

    I have also two cats,they are Both
    The Norwegian Forest Cats,they are sisters, called Namine and Melissa.

    They drink water only from a cup or mug and melissa thinks that the beat way to drink is to lick waterdrops from my fingertips :)
    I live in Finland,so please excuse my funny english and bad grammar..

    With my beast greetings,