Friday, June 17, 2011


Frasier is doing much better.  Poor thing really hates those drops.  When he gets his teeth cleaned they will do a deep ear cleaning at the same time.  Hopefully that will help with some of the ear infections.  When we first adopted Frasier,  he was infested with ear mites.  It took 6 months to clear his ears up.  I am not sure if being deaf causes ear infections for him or if he is just prone to them.  But we keep a close eye on his ears to make sure we catch any infection early.
Thank you everyone for your comments about Frasier.  He is my baby, well both cats are my babies but Frasier tends to be the fragile one when it comes to heath issues.

I also got in bit more stitching and finished the PEACE ornament.  I really like how it turned out and can't wait to figure out how to finish it.
I Hope Everyone Has A Great Weekend !!!!!



  1. Glad he's doing better. I understand how precious our furbabies are!

    Nice ornie!

  2. Glad frazier is feeling better. Who is the designer of your ornament, love it!
    Teresa' Heartfelt Stitches

  3. Our furbaby Zoe has very hard to clean ears so I have the Vet do them in between for a deep cleaning . She too is prone to infections. Frasier is a very good looking furbaby. Love the stitching too!

  4. Oh, I know about pets being babies in the house! I have two little jack russell babies and they are definately part of the family. We recently drove eight hours to come and fetch them from home while I was with hubby on a business trip. Yeah, I know I am crazy! (don't tell anyone! - lol)

  5. Just like Teresa, I would also like to know where your ornament pattern is from. I really like it!

    My cat had ear mites when we first adopted her 9 years ago. I think she was traumatized by the ear cleaning and drops, has always been afraid of everyone, but she is finally letting other people pet her now (after 9 years of hiding)!