Sunday, June 5, 2011

Progress on Moon and Stars

The weeks are flying by......  Life has really been a total blurrrrr........

Harry sure has had his ups and down.  He has been home from the hospital for a little over a week now and is getting better and better.  I have figured out that it's the hospital and lack of care that he is getting that is really killing him.  The hospital just does not have the staff to see to all his needs.  We were told by the Dr's that he was no longer able to swallow and that they would not put in a feeding tube.   I had lost all hope he would get better and I couldn't even think or feeling anything knowing that they were just going to let him starve to death.

Once he got back to the home,  you could see him relax and you could tell he was happy to see the staff there.  I started putting tiny pieces of watermelon in his mouth and all of a sudden he swallowed.  Scared the crap out of me,  I didn't want him to choke or for food to go into his lungs.  But he really swallowed and I knew the Dr's were wrong yet again.

Yesterday,  was his best day yet.  He is eating full meals now.  He still is not able to feed himself,  but that will come in the next couple of weeks.  He started talking again and I can't tell you how much I missed his voice.

Meanwhile Roger (DH) finally got his glasses and I am so excited for him.  His vision has improved so much and for now we have decided against the last surgery.  The risks are way to high at this point and we are going to wait and see what the future brings.  Meanwhile,  he is able to see the TV so much better and he is able to see the computer.  All the stress we have been thru,  all the money,  everything that he has been thru has been worth it and really worked out for him.

I also found a few hours to do some stitching.  It really is a big stress reliever.  I can't wait till things calm down and I can stitch a few hours a day. 


  1. Thanks for the Harry and Roger update.....

  2. I'm so glad - I'm sending joy your way and hopes for continued healing for everyone. You need the break! The stitching is really coming along.

  3. I'm glad to read about good progress with Harry. It's great to have cross stitch to help you de-stress!