Saturday, November 6, 2010

Almost Done With The Snowflake

Today was one of those days.  Hubby works from home which means he is always coming out of his office wanting something.  I wish I could lock him in.  However I did find time tonight to stitch and I got a lot done.

I also wrote out what I want my next 3 projects to be and tomorrow I will check my stash and see what I have for threads and make a shopping list of the things I need to get at Micheal's.  I have a 40% off coupon that I can use on some fabric. 


  1. Looking good :) Can't wait to see it finished

  2. I like the way your snowflake looks and I really like your blog layout.

  3. TYSM, I have been into these monochromatic patterns since I don't have many colors and it's been 5 years since I have stitched. Tomorrow I am going to Micheal's to get some items needed so I can start some more detailed projects.