Sunday, November 14, 2010

Finished American Cat

What a week,  I don't know where the time went.  Yesterday I took my husband to the eye dr's when he told me it looked like he was looking through a plastic bag,  It really freaked me out since he had a total detached retina in 2008.  The surgery was horrible and so was the recovery,  so I am always scared that something is going to happen to his other eye.  The good news is,  his retinas both look great but the bad news is he has secondary cataracts in both eyes and they need to be lasered which is an easy thing to do,  now its to just find the money to have it done.  We are waiting for the specialist to call us on Wednesday and we hope they will take payments. 

After running to the grocery store today to stock up on some great sale items.  I was able to sit and finish my American Cat Sampler today,  I think it came out pretty good.

Tomorrow is a big day for Frasier,  we are seeing a new cardiologist for him and I am excited to see how his heart is doing on his current meds.  Hopefully when I get home,  I can sit and stitch and maybe finish the little purple angle that I am making for a friends Grand-daughter named Hailey

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