Tuesday, November 16, 2010

I Finished Purple Angel and Moon

What a busy 2 days,  Monday I brought Frasier to a new Vet who we totally loved.  She was great with him and that is so important to me.  Today, I brought Frasier back for his echocardiogram and his results were pretty good,  It's a heart condition that will never get better.  However,  there has not been much change from the one that he had last year.  So that's pretty good for his age. 

I also heard from the eye surgeon for Roger and they can take care of both eyes for $1850.00  (Yikes)  If we come up with half then maybe they will let us make payments on the rest.  We are going to go down and meet with them next week sometime. So wish us luck cuz we really need it.

I couldn't sleep last night so I was able to finish the Angel that I am making for a friends Grand-Daughter and I think it came out really cute. 

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  1. What a cute little angel! Glad to her that Frasier isn't any worse, if there is no chance in getting better I guess its best to stay where he is at :) Good luck with Roger's eye surgeon!!